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A 20 minute complete walkthrough of the UGA Studies Abroad facilities and school in Cortona, Italy, with introductions to professors and staff, led by program director Rick Johnson. Shot in the Spring of 2009 and edited by Spenser Simrill of TuscanProductions.

Facilities in Cortona

Art History:
Classrooms equipped with slide projectors. Program library keeps essential volumes in English and a slide collection. The public library of Cortona is open for those who read Italian. Its holdings include an important collection of illuminated manuscripts.

Ceramics: 4 electric potters wheels, 4 kick wheels, 1 electric kiln with digital controller, 1 gas-fired muffel kiln, approximately 25 cubic feet, indoor-outdoor studio, separate glaze area, assortments of tools (rolling pins, canvas, work tables, etc.)

Computer Lab: 14 new Apple Macintosh G5s with OS 10.4, a large format color printer, and a standard B&W printer, three flat bed scanners and a slide scanner

Drawing: Several drawing rooms in the Severini building with natural and incandescent light. These rooms are mostly used for figure drawing with a model.

Interior Design: Large studio in the Severini building equipped with drafting tables and lights.

Jewelry & Metalwork: Lost-wax casting process equipment, soldering and hand-finishing equipment.

Landscape Architecture: Large studio in the Severini building equipped with drafting tables and lights.

Painting: Large studio rooms in the Severini building for indoor work.

Papermaking & Bookarts: 1 1/2 pound Hollander beater, hydraulic press, vats and sinks, molds, deckles, 2 drying boxes, 2 nipping presses, 2 sewing frames, board sheer and bookbinding workroom.

Photography: Complete and permanent black and white facilities, a room for processing negatives which includes a large stainless steel sink and drying cabinet. Gang darkroom for printing with another large stainless steel sink, at least seven enlargers and a copystand. Students are able to print negatives up to 4" x 5". Light tables and projectors are available for viewing slides. Two Lowell lights with umbrellas are available to check out for location work.

Printmaking: 2 Etching Presses

Sculpture: A 135-pound metal casting furnace, burn-out kiln, air compressor for pneumatic equipment, oxyacetylene welding equipment, electric arc welder and a variety of hand tools.


Studying, Working & Living in Cortona
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