Planning Your Trip

Planning Your Trip: Each student should leave the following information with their parents, relatives or a contact in the US:

  1. All students should leave a copy of the numbers of their traveler's checks at home. Also, each student should keep a record of these numbers stored in a place different than where the checks are kept. Should traveler's checks be lost or stolen, it is required to have a record of the check numbers in order to file a claim.
  2. It is a good idea for each student to leave their checking account numbers, savings account numbers, social security number and copies of their passport and credit cards with a parent, relative or contact in the US. You never know when this information will be needed.
  3. Leave a copy of the semester itinerary with parent, relative or contact in the US.
  4. Each student should be certain to let parents, relatives or a contact know well in advance when, where and on what flight they will be returning home.


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