Art Supplies

Students are encouraged to wait until they arrive in Italy to purchase supplies for their classes. Built-in, structured time for supply purchase with professors is scheduled for Rome and Florence. Students should be aware that several courses may be offered during the same time period. Thus, if a student has his or her heart set on taking 3 classes (i.e., painting, printmaking, and photo), then buys supplies for each in the U.S. and brings them over, the student may find him or herself in a difficult situation when realizing that all three of those classes are taught at the same time. In this case, the student would then have to choose one class and try to sell supplies to other students. To avoid this situation, please come with an open, flexible mind about course offerings and wait to buy supplies once you know your schedule. The class schedule will be announced in Rome or Naples (depending on the semester), not before.

Fortunately, for most visual art students, art materials and supplies of high quality are available at reasonable costs in Italy. Rome and Florence are good places to purchase some art supplies that you will need in the first part of the course. However, do not overstock with supplies from the offset. Transporting them from Rome to Cortona in a crowded bus may damage some of them and there will be plenty of other opportunities to re-supply both in Cortona and in other cities we visit, such as Arezzo.

Paper stock and made-to-order sketchbooks are available at the two Cartolerie (paper shops) in Cortona. Printing papers and other visual arts basic materials are provided in a short time by the same shops if you ask. Other more specialized items - special paints, canvas, sculpting tools, pens for graphics and LAR -- can be purchased in Florence or ordered in Cortona through the cartolerie.

Keep in mind that acrylic paint tends to be more expensive in Italy. While you may wish to take with you same basic tools of your specialty, the University has a basic supply of tools that are made available to students.

Photography In Cortona:

  • Camera: No matter what, bring a camera to Italy! Whether it be a sophisticated SLR or a simple instamatic, film or digital camera, it is essential to record your experience. Most Cortona alumni savor their time abroad for years through prints and slides. Check your camera carefully before leaving home -- take a practice roll to insure the camera's (and your own) competence. You can also purchase cameras (new and used), accessories and have repairs made in Cortona, often at a lower price than in the States.
  • Film: You can buy quality film in Cortona for prices comparable to those in the States. Remember that Kodachrome film must be brought home for processing. Kodacolor, Ektachrome, Fujichrome, etc. may be quickly processed in Cortona. For black and white work, the Ilford films are available all over Europe, and are highly recommended, especially the Ilford FP4. If a film is rated ASA 400 or faster, a lead-bag is recommended for protection from airport x-ray machines.
  • Darkroom: The program's darkroom and photographic facilities are reserved for photography students under the supervision of the photography instructor.
  • Digital Lab: The Severini School now has a 14-station MacIntosh lab. All of the software necessary for digital photography (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) is available. This digital lab is available for all students on the program and has access to the internet.
  • Miscellaneous: A flash attachment is very useful for indoor ceremonies. Some students will loan their flash to those who don't have one. Trading photos will be an important event at next year's reunion so be prepared to have them available by that time.

Students should be aware that there are in many cases additional materials costs, especially for wood, bronze, marble, metal plates, etc. There may be also additional fees for shipping works of art home.


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