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UGA Cortona Photography in the field
Students bring shots from the field back to UGA Cortona’s on-campus photo labs.

Many study abroad programs offer Photography courses, but not many offer dedicated on-campus processing facilities for both digital and traditional photographic techniques. 

The Severini School on the UGA Cortona campus houses a digital print lab equipped with iMac stations running Adobe CC software, including Photoshop and Lightroom. Epson regular– and large–format inkjet photo printers allow students and faculty to produce professional grade archival prints.  Additionally, UGA Cortona’s darkroom facilities can accommodate traditional black and white negative developing and printing. 

For more on current curriculum offerings in Photography, review the Photography Course listing. 

UGA Cortona Digital Photo Lab
The digital print lab, with scanner, iMac work stations and large–format inkjet printer.
UGA Cortona Digital Photo Lab
Regular format inkjet printer and additional work stations.
UGA Cortona Darkroom
The main work area of the UGA Cortona darkroom.
UGA Cortona darkroom enlargers
Enlargers for traditional processing in the darkroom.


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