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UGA Cortona Students making paper
UGA Cortona students make handmade paper in the Book Arts studio.

The Book Arts studio, located in Severini School on the UGA Cortona campus, offers students the opportunity to pursue studies in traditional and experimental bookbinding techniques. It is equipped with book presses, paper cutters, work tables, storage cabinets, and all the supplies necessary to create archival-quality books. 

UGA Cortona Book Arts Studio
The Book Arts studio includes paper cutters, book presses, and work tables.

Additionally, the studio contains facilities for producing handmade paper, including a hydraulic press, Hollander beater, forced-air drying system, outdoor drying lines, and a wet room with sinks and work tables.

For more on current curriculum offerings in Book Arts, review the Book Arts Course listing.

UGA Cortona Book Arts Paper Making
The wet room in the Book Arts Studio.
UGA Cortona Book Arts Paper Making
Drying system for Papermaking in the Book Arts Studio.
UGA Cortona Papermaking
The Book Arts Studio’s 1.5lb/6 gal. Voith-Allis Hollander Beater for paper making.


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