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UGA Cortona Sculpture Facilities
The Sculpture Terrace, located on the UGA Cortona campus, behind the JDK Center.

A sculptor founded the UGA Cortona program, so it is appropriate that the John D. Kehoe Cortona Center houses excellent sculpture studio facilities.

Inside the building, a large work area can be configured for many situations, including woodwork, welding, and modeling in clay. Permanently installed power tools include table saw, band saw, chop saw, bench grinder, and drill press. Storage cabinets contain a full array of handheld power tools: angle grinders, drills, sanders, and reciprocating saws. This equipment complements a range of standard and specialized hand tools, including chisels, hammers, hack saws, wood saws, rasps and files. Modeling stands and work tables are available for assembling and refining sculptural work.

A large yard on the terraced property behind the building serves as the Sculpture Terrace, an outdoor work area designed for creating carved work. Heavy duty carving tables serve as work stations for students carving stone or wood pieces; both hand tools and pneumatic tools are available, the latter powered by a permanently installed air compressor. 

Foundry facilities suitable for casting small-scale works in bronze are also located on the Sculpture Terrace.

UGA Cortona Sculpture Facilities
A UGA Cortona Sculpture student carves a marble sculpture in the Sculpture Terrace work area.
UGA Cortona Sculpture Facilities
The equipment shelter in the Sculpture Terrace work area, where carving tables, tools, and studio furniture are stored. Pneumatic outlets along the back wall connect carving tools to a large compressor. The bronze foundry is visible at the far end.
UGA Cortona Sculpture Facilities
UGA Cortona Sculpture Instructor Kinzey Branham directs and assists Sculpture students as they pour bronze heated in the Sculpture Terrace foundry.

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