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UGA Cortona Students making paper
UGA Cortona students making handmade paper in the Book Arts Studio.

Book Arts

Offered Summer & Fall Semesters

In the papermaking class, the student studies the methods and materials for making paper by hand. Students learn the traditional craft of forming paper sheets which may add another dimension to painting, draw- ing, printmaking, or calligraphy. In addition, students are encouraged to investigate the potential of paper as medium; lamination, papercasting, embedment and dyeing. This course approaches the book as an art form and paper as support and an expressive medium.

As Italy is the location of the western world’s oldest papermill still operating since the thirteenth century, study of papermak- ing and bookarts in Cortona is particularly appropriate. Instruction includes casting, molding, embossing, coloring, decorating as well as combining paper with other materials. Considerable emphasis is placed on the book as art object. Western case binding as well as contemporary experimental approaches to the book are taught.

ARST 4315/6315 - Introduction to Book Arts (Summer)
Hand papermaking as a support for other media and as a creative medium in two or three dimensions.

ARST 4370 - Advanced Book Studio (TBD)
The emphasis of this course is the book as an art form; its structure,including various binding techniques in relation to its content.

ARST 7310 Book Art and Papermaking (TBD)
Hand papermaking as a support for other media and as a creative medium in two- or three-dimensional form. The book is examined in structure and content with skills learned in various binding techniques. Repeatable for maximum 6 hours credit.

UGA Cortona Papermaking
Professor Julie Leonard prepares fibers for papermaking.