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Offered Spring, Summer, & Fall Semesters

UGA Cortona Photography in the field
A UGA Cortona Photography student works in Orvieto, Umbria. Photo: Jeff Curto


These courses are taught on the UGA Cortona Spring, June, Summer, & Fall Programs.

"During the day a haze hovers over the earth...This phenomenon cannot easily be seen in nature more beautifully than here...The sky is like a light-blue piece of taffeta, lit up by the sun.” — Goethe, Italian Journey, 1786
Work in this course of study concentrates on black and white photography, but also utilizes color slides, a format that is practical and relatively permanent and being viewed by transmitted light, ideal for learning to judge qualities of light and color. Thus the student can concentrate on contemplating and making photographs in the distinctive light of Italy unencumbered by darkroom procedure and technique.

Some photographic involvements are: portraiture, particularly of our Italian friends; the effects of atmosphere and time-of-day on light and color; photographing architecture and photographing our own works of art. There is a small darkroom for black- and- white work in Cortona. These facilities are only accessible to program participants taking photography courses.

Photographic seeing and thinking in a new culture is the primary emphasis of study. Each photographer is individually critiqued by the instructor and the class. A 35mm SLR camera is required. This is not a course in travel photography, rather an artistic exploration of the medium.

ARST 2200 Introductory Photography (TBD)
Prerequisites: ARST 1050.
The art of photography, its history and criticism including basic processing techniques and optical principles, using standard cameras and black and white materials. Picture making concepts and interpretation are emphasized.

ARST 2210 - Introduction to Photography and Image Culture (Spring, June, Summer, & Fall) (Undergraduate)

ARST 3200 Black and White Photography (TBD) (Undergraduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 2200.
Intensive practice of camera skills and processing techniques for black and white negatives and prints with emphasis on visual concepts and articulation of ideas.

ARST 3830 - Digital Video I (Fall) (Undergraduate)

ARST 4270 - Social Documentary Photography and Video (Summer) (Undergraduate)

ARST 4900 Technical Problems (TBD) (Undergraduate)
Prerequisites: Permission of Department.
For students qualified to carry out individual projects in studio areas.

ARST 7230 Graduate Photography I (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 7200
Intensive practice of the photographic medium. Emphasis is placed on learning advanced techniques in the context of artistic expression.

ARST 7240 Graduate Photography II (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 7230. Continuation of Graduate Photography.
Emphasis is placed on the proposal of art projects to be worked on in preparation for graduate exit studio.

ARST 7980 (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisite: Permission of Department.
Individual studio projects and investigation of specific problems under the direction of faculty members. Non-Traditional format: Directed study. Repeatable for maximum 9 hours credit.