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UGA Cortona Drawing Courses
A UGA Cortona student draws from a view of the Palazzo Comunale.


Offered Spring, Summer, & Fall Semesters.

A variety of subject matter: twisted olive trees, rolling vineyards, and a variety of landscape and cityscape textures and patterns provide drawing students with new stimulation and opportunities for exploration. In direct contact with monuments of traditional European art, the drawing student has the opportunity to compare and assimilate ideas and techniques of the Italian tradition The student is encouraged to actively compare historical traditions with contemporary European art. In all drawing classes there will be opportunities to work from the figure as well as landscape motifs. Work is in structured studio courses and both undergraduate and graduate level drawing courses are offered.

ARST 2010 Intermediate Drawing (Spring & Summer) (Undergraduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 1070 ARST 1080.
Varied approaches to drawing incorporating experience with still life, landscape, models, composition, analytical and expressive drawing. The use of basic drawing media will be stressed.

ARST 3010 Advanced Drawing (Spring & Summer) (Undergraduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 3000.
Advanced drawing stressing individual projects and experimental approaches.

ARST 4000 Directed Study in Drawing (TBD) (Undergraduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 3010 or Permission of Department.
Independent projects for advanced drawing and painting majors.

ARST 7020 Drawing and Composition (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisites: Permission of Major.
Projects in drawing with individual and group critiques.

ARST 7030 Drawing and Composition (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 7020.
Projects in drawing, individual and group critiques, continuation of ARST 7020.

ARST 7040 Drawing and Composition (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 7030.
Studio work in drawing, with consideration of relationship of principles to picture structure. Readings in Art History and Criticism.