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Offered Spring and/or Summer; check with the Cortona office for updated offerings


Have you ever thought about what happens when you etch a metal plate in printmaking? Have you ever wondered how to make a fresco, or how the Sistine chapel was cleaned? Science in the Arts covers the basic science behind making, conserving and restoring works of art. Lecture content presents an introduction to materials, adhesives and coatings, and conservation. Laboratory exercises include the chemistry behind papermaking, preparing and analyzing pigments and paints, making frescoes, etching metals with acids, and developing the fixing photographic film.

The course is taught by:
- Dr. Richard Morrison, Lothar Tresp Honors Professor
- Margaret Morrison, Assistant Professor, MFA Advisor of Drawing and Painting LDSOA

CHEM 1110 fulfills the Area II Core Requirement and the Franklin College Requirement for a science course with accompanying laboratory.