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UGA Cortona students paint outside
UGA Cortona students paint a view of the Chiana Valley.


Offered Spring, Summer, & Fall Semesters

Fundamental ideas of Western painting have essentially been an outgrowth of the aesthetic approaches originated during the Italian Renaissance in Italy. Coursework offers graduates and undergraduates the opportunity of working in the environment where these approaches were first developed. Students of all levels are encouraged to develop strong personal approaches to painting in a broad range of studio experiences developed in part by open daily discourses with the instructor. Contemporary philosophical concepts of painting and their relationship to the distinguished and influential history of the Italian aesthetic are also explored.

Contemporary ideas are explored through work utilizing oil, alkyd, acrylics, and watercolor. Depending on the expertise of each individual instructor, the traditional techniques of egg tempera, fresco, Venetian oil painting, and their application to the needs of modern painters, may be introduced in an environment where exceptional examples of these techniques can be studied.

ARST 2100 Introductory Painting (Spring, Summer, & Fall)
Prerequisite: ARST 1050, 1070 (at least two foundation drawing courses).
Fundamentals of painting related to subject matter, composition and color preparation of supports and grounds, and knowledge of basic painting materials are stressed.

ARST 2110 Intermediate Painting (Spring, Summer, & Fall)
Prerequisites: ARST 2100.
Painting applied to still life, landscape, abstraction, and the human figure from live models.

ARST 3140 Painting Studio (Summer)
Prerequisites: ARST 2110.
Inquiry into varied approaches in painting, both representational and non-representational. Experimental attitudes and personal ideas and solutions are encouraged.

ARST 4100 Painting-Directed Study (TBD)
Prerequisites: ARST 2110 ARST 3100, or ARST 3120, or ARST 3130, or ARST 3150, or ARST 3160 and Permission of Department.
Advanced independent study for drawing and painting majors. Studio meetings arranged.

ARST 7110 Painting (TBD)
Prerequisites: Permission of Department
Projects in painting including individual and group critiques.

ARST 7120 Painting (TBD)
Prerequisites: ARST 7110. Continuation of ARST 7110.
Projects in paint- ing including individual and group critiques.

ARST 7980 Directed Study in Major Studio Area (TBD)
Prerequisites: Permission of Department
Individual studio projects and investigation of specific problems under the direction of faculty