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UGA Cortona Printmaking Courses
UGA Cortona Printmaking students carve woodcut reliefs for creating prints.

Offered Summer Semester


Printmaking students work in a fully equipped intaglio and relief studio in Cortona. All basic equipment, accessories, and inks are provided. During the studio sessions intaglio and relief techniques such as etching, engraving, aquatint, mezzotint, dry point, calligraphy, and woodcut are explored according to the interests of each individual.

ARST 2350 Intro Print Relief (Undergraduate)
Prequisites: Two of the following: ARST 2310 or ARST 3315 or ARST 2300 or ARST 3305 or ARST 2320 or ARST 3325 or ARST 2330 or ARST 3335         
Course examines multiple relief printmaking techniques throughout the semester.

ARST 3340 Advanced Print (Undergraduate)
Prerequisite: ARST 2300 or ARST 2310 or ARST 2320 or ARST 2330
Etching or relief printmaking for advanced students, stressing aesthetic development and technical achievement.