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UGA Cortona Ceramics
UGA Cortona Ceramics students use potter’s wheels to create earthenware vessels.


Offered Spring, Summer, & Fall Semesters

Cortona has a rich ceramic tradition dating back to the time of the Etruscans. There are several active clay mines in the vicinity. Students work in a large studio where there is ample table space for hand-building and wheels for throwing. A 25-cubic-foot muffle gas kiln is situated in an enclosure nearby. Local terra cotta clay is used for both hand-building and throwing. A basic majolica and low-temperature glaze coupled with slips, stains and terra sigillata provide a broad palette for glazing.

ARST 2500 Introduction to Ceramics (Spring & Summer) (Undergraduate)
No prerequisite.
Development of personal expression using the ceramic process.

ARST 3500 Intermediate Ceramics (Spring & Summer) (Undergraduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 2500.
Sculptural and functional ceramic forms with an emphasis on personal expression and individual style.

ARST 4500 Advanced Ceramics (Summer) (Undergraduate)
Prerequisites: 12 hours of ARST 3500.
Specific projects for experienced students selected in consultation with the instructor.

ARST 7500 Ceramics (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisite: Permission of Department
Experimentation with ceramic forms, glazes and firing techniques.

ARST 7510 Technical Problems in Ceramics (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 7500 and Permission of Department
Individual research in clay, glaze and firing techniques directed towards personal style.

ARST 7520 Individual Research in Ceramics (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 7510. and Permission of Department
Second year students begin to focus on individual style and cohesive, unified statement. Innovation in ceramic forms, glazes and firing techniques.

ARST 7530 Individual Research in Ceramics (TBD) (Graduate)
Prerequisites: ARST 7620 and Permission of Department
Refinement of ceramic techniques in form and surface elaboration with emphasis on individual style. Work from this class will become the M.F.A. final exhibition. 

UGA Cortona Ceramics
Handmade earthenware made by UGA Cortona Ceramics students.
UGA Cortona Ceramics
The large muffle gas kiln loaded for firing.