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Student Residences

JDK center, Fall 2017
The JDK Cortona Center, Fall 2017. Photograph by Professor Jeff Curto.

UGA Center Abroad Cortona
Via delle Santucce, 2
52044 Cortona AR

Phone: 001-39-0-575-630275 (when dialing from the USA)

In the summer of 2005, after 37 years in Cortona, UGA's Lamar Dodd School of Art inaugurated the John D. Kehoe Cortona Center adjacent to the Severini Building on 4.5 acres atop Cortona, and now has its classrooms, studios and residence hall all in one location. There are approximately 85 beds in the newly renovated dormitory and all students will reside there. The rooms in the Kehoe Center share baths and are doubles, triples and quads. Thus, the Cortona Program is truly a residence program and the students become a community in a dorm-like environment.

Common spaces include:

  • All bathroom facilities - There are a sufficient number of showers for every one. However, the hot water has a way of running out if many students try to shower at the same time. Stagger your showering to “off-peak” times if possible.
  • The dining room where breakfast is served - Breakfast is generally served 7:00am to 10:00am. Please do not ask to be served at other times; the staff are very busy and cannot accommodate individual schedules.
  • Common Rooms -The breakfast room is open 24 hours and can be used for discussions and gatherings. It is removed from the bedrooms and thus will allow for more noise. The Lounge in the dorm area has computers handy and couches for lounging and reading. After 10:00pm, we ask for quietness as noise carries through the dorm hallways.
  • Kitchen/Dining Area - The Kehoe Center offers not only dining facilities but refrigerators to store perishables. There is a stove and grill, but there are NO microwaves. Many students prepare their meals at lunchtime and weekends as well as snack time. This is a good time to mention that the Program advises a mixture of individual food preparation along with visitations to the many restaurants, rosticerias, tratorias and bars to experience Tuscan cuisine. Many returning students lament the loss of pizza from a special place or a sandwich or pasta from the other end of town. Former students also recommend purchasing a basket or canvas bag to keep in the refrigerator or kitchen shelves with your personal food items to keep them all together.
  • Telephone - there is a telephone in the Kehoe Center but it cannot be used for outgoing calls. You cannot make any calls from there, not even collect. Calls from hotels are much more expensive so you will be better off using the public telephone. You may receive short phone calls at the Kehoe Center. Leave the number with your family and friends. For calls from the U.S. the number is 011-39-0-575-630275. There is a 15-minute time limit on in-coming calls.
  • Behavior - As you are sharing spaces with other members of the group, your non-disruptive behavior in the dormitory is very important to insure a pleasant life for all. Generally you are expected to behave as you would in a dormitory on your home campus or in a hotel at home. Be considerate of others and again remember that respect is the key word.

Please be sensitive to the fact that people differ in their sleeping habits and studying practices. The Kehoe Center is a place for resting and studying, not for partying. At 10:00 p.m. all loud noise must stop, both inside the building and in the garden areas.

If you are a night person and wish to stay up late, go up the hill, far from buildings where people  -- the Cortonese as well as your fellow students - - may wish to sleep. There are open areas very near town where your conversations can be loud and private and not bother anyone.

If you return to the dormitory after 10:30 p.m., walk to your bed quietly and try not to wake anyone. Avoid turning on the lights in your room if your roommates are already in bed. Some people really need that early night sleeping time to be able to function properly the next day.

In your room, keep to your space: there will be closet space for you and studying space; keep your area neat and tidy, do not take over others’ living spaces! Respect your roommates!

Wireless Internet: There is wireless internet access in the Kehoe Center both in the student lounge area and in the lecture hall. We do our best to provide solid connectivity, but our connection is only as good as the local connection, so outages do tend to occur. The student lounge contains several computers and a printer, and there is also a room with computers and printers in the Severini building for additional needs. If you have a laptop, bringing it with you is a good idea. If you use your own computer, you may want to also bring a memory stick so that you can transfer a document from your laptop to a computer connected to a printer.

The Kehoe Dorm has a computer station located in the students' common room with four (4) G-5 Mac desktop computers, which are hooked up to the internet along with two (2) black/white printers. The dorm has three (3) different wireless 'hot spots' for use with personal laptops: 1 in the students' common room, 1 in the auditorium, and 1 in the breakfast room.

Any visitor to the UGA facilities (Kehoe Center or Serverini Building) must be approved by the Director or staff member in charge. This includes all family members and friends who might visit Cortona. Please help us keep this rule enforced for the safety of the entire group. It will avoid problems for the hotels and for us. Visitors must find their own hotels. Cortona has one of the best youth hostels in Italy. The Cortona Tourist Office is a good source of information for visitor accommodations (

Meals and Ristorante Tonino (Tonino's Restaurant)

Breakfast is served every day to program participants in the Kehoe Center. Lunch is on your own. While in Cortona, students in the Spring and Fall programs eat dinner together 3 nights a week. Students in the Maymester and Summer programs eat dinner together in Cortona 4 nights a week. These required dinners are served for the group from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. at Tonino's, one of the finest restaurants in Italy located on the Piazza Garibaldi next to the Hotel San Luca. Students in the Spring and Fall programs received a weekly meal voucher to be used for a 4th dinner at a participating restaurant in Cortona.

The restaurant owners, the personnel and, especially the waiters have become accustomed to American eating habits, but they serve Italian food, according to Italian custom. This is one important way to learn about another culture. Therefore, we do insist on having traditional Italian food served to the group.

The personnel at Tonino’s are usually very cooperative and willing to accommodate our needs. Remember that the group is treated on a discounted group basis. We do benefit from the chef’s expertise and it is possible in certain cases to get some special food if you are not feeling well or are allergic to specific ingredients. However, please do not abuse this kindness and don’t make a habit of asking for special consideration.

Please be considerate with the waiters and maids. Should you have any complaints about the service, please express your concerns to the program administrators right away. It is easier to stop problems before they develop than to correct them after they have set in. Only members of the group who are officially enrolled are allowed to take meals in the group's dining areas.

Food Allergies / Vegetarians

Students with severe food allergies are asked to take into consideration that as part of our residential program, dinner is prepared by Italian chefs at Tonino's Restaurant, for the entire group. Eating with the group on scheduled days is required. Students may cook for themselves only on Saturday and Sunday, and during the week for lunches. Food is typically Italian fare with a pasta dish served with every meal. Special accommodations can be made for students with allergies to wheat, tomatoes, nuts and other common ingredients. If you are on a special diet for medical reasons, are allergic to some foods, or are a vegan or vegetarian, let us know so that the restaurant can be informed.