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You can use convenient buses from Cortona, Camucia, and Terontola. They run fairly regularly. Copies of the bus schedule are posted at the school and available at the Tourist Office.

Transportation to and from Cortona by chartered buses is provided by the UGA Studies Abroad Program. However, once within the cities we visit, students must pay for their own local transportation.

Usually you must have your ticket before you board a public bus or a train or even the vaporetto in Venice. Have plenty of coins or small bills to purchase these tickets. The ticket must be stamped by inserting it into a machine on the bus. This validates the ticket and protects you from fines should a check be run while you are on board. If you are staying in a city more than one day (as in Rome or Venice), you may want to purchase more than one ticket at a time, or even a day pass in some places. It will save you money and time.

Bicycles are not recommended for the terrain of Cortona. School buildings, the Kehoe Center, Tonino’s Ristorante and the town center are all within easy walking distance. Bicycles are dangerous in this hilly area, even for the “pros” and have caused several accidents that could have been avoided. Bus and train transportation is also easily available and provided on school trips. You are encouraged to leave your bicycle at home. Motorized 2 or 3 wheel vehicles are not allowed to be used by students; accidents involving these vehicles are not covered by the group insurance plan.