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Concerts, Plays, Recitals, and Movies

Cortona has a small but surprisingly good series of spectacles performed in Teatro Signorelli during the Fall and Spring, and during the summer in outdoor spaces. They are usually free of charge or modestly priced. We urge students to attend these events not only for their own enjoyment but also because it is a good opportunity to meet Italians and other foreign guests of Cortona who have similar interests. American movies and other foreign films are frequently shown in town, dubbed in Italian, and are usually shown once a week in their original language.

Athletic Facilities

Soccer: In the warmer months, students and locals often play games of soccer in Camucia, which is a few minutes ride down the mountain from cortona. In Italy (and the rest of the world) its called football.

Tennis: Cortona has two lighted clay tennis courts, located on the east side of town past the public park. You can sign up for temporary membership at the Cortona Tennis Club. Bring your racquet! (There is a charge for the court.)

Swimming: There is a swimming pool near the park in Cortona. Additionally two large swimming pools are available in the valley town of Camucia which can be reached by public bus. There is usually an admission charge.

Running: Cortona provides excellent opportunities for joggers, allowing one to experience the countryside closely and to get a feel for it. Not many Cortonese run recreationally, so do not be surprised or alarmed by some odd stares you may get. Rather, greet people you meet and continue on your way. Shirts should be worn at all times.

Boating: Lake Trasimeno is the third largest lake in Italy and is connected to Cortona by bus during the summertime. In addition to swimming, the Lake area also offers other forms of recreational facilities (boating, fishing, water skiing, etc.)

Bocce: Bocce (bah-chee) is a traditional Italian game played with balls on a clay or sand court. It is easy to learn and is an excellent chance to meet and make friends with the Cortonese. Primarily older people play bocce but in recent years the young are also getting interested in it again. Try it! There is a small bocce court on the terrace of the Kehoe Center. Former students have even started an annual Jack Kehoe Bocce Tournament during the summer semester.