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UGA Cortona class of 1970
UGA Cortona Class of 1970 begins the tradition of taking a group photo on the Palazzo Comunale di Cortona steps. Photo: courtesy of CIAO.

For fifty years, UGA Cortona has enjoyed the support of its dedicated alumni. Its Cortona Italy Alumni Organization (CIAO) connects and nurtures a community of alumni and friends of the program. Their efforts maintain an important part of UGA Cortona’s educational and social culture, and provide an advocacy base for the future of the program.

The CIAO website is an excellent resource for UGA Cortona history, and a great way for alumni and friends of the program to keep in touch. For information on CIAO, including how new alumni can join, visit


UGA Cortona class of 2016
50 years later, the tradition continues: UGA Cortona Summer 2016 alumni gather on the same steps.