40 years the Cortona Program has provided an exciting and challenging opportunity for students .

The University of Georgia's Studies Abroad program in Cortona, Italy offers a variety of studio and academic courses during the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters.

Visit franklin.uga.edu/cortona for more information on living the Cortona Experience.

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The total cost of each session includes housing and two meals, hotels, bus and train travel with the program itinerary in Europe, international ID card, and 12 to 15 semester hours of credit. Trans-atlantic airfare is not included in the session costs and is the responsibility of each individual student.

Living conditions are similar to those experienced by European students: small, inexpensive hotels. A good example is the permanent residence in Cortona, a 15th-century monastery recently renovated with modern conveniences.

Meals are typical of the Tuscan region and are prepared by one of the best restaurants in the area Tonino's. The local cuisine is renowned for its excellence.

Although the major emphasis of the program is to expose students to the wealth of historical masterpieces, there are also opportunities to see modern Italian art and to visit contemporary artists and exhibitions. The program stresses its residential nature; therefore, ample time is available for sustained studio and research work. Sufficient variety in course offerings makes it possible for a student to participate in the three successive semesters.

Art disciplines usually offered are Art History, Book Arts & Papermaking, Ceramics, Drawing, Interior Design, Jewelry & Metalwork, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, and Sculpture.

Other disciplines offered are Italian Language, Italian Culture, Landscape Architecture, and Creative Writing. Other courses may be offered during a particular session. Consult current listings for specific courses.

Cortona is a small, quiet, walled town in Tuscany of Etruscan origin. It is situated at a comfortable, cool, and invigorating 2,200-feet elevation, surrounded by beautiful olive groves, vineyards, and rich valley farm lands. The town itself is a veritable museum, revealing itself through many fine examples of Etruscan, Roman, Roman-esque, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture. Throughout the sessions, field trips will be made to major historical and artistic centers: Florence, Siena (the Palio), Perugia, Urbino, Assisi, Orvieto and other selected sites. Overnight trips will be made to Rome and Venice. Consult the specific itinerary for the semester in which you wish to participate.

Admission and Application ​Procedures

Each student submits two letters of recommendation, official transcript(s), portfolio for studio majors, and a one-page essay for non-studio majors. All courses listed in the Cortona program brochure are regular University of Georgia approved courses carrying full academic credit. These courses will fulfill degree requirements.

Deadlines for Submitting Applications:

October 1 for the Spring program, February 1 for the Summer program, and April 15 for the Fall program. Interested persons should write or call for information and application forms. In Athens, you may visit the program office which is located at:

Lamar Dodd School of Art, C301M
270 River Road
Athens, GA 30602-7676

Because course offerings vary from year to year, it is recommended that students consult with their advisors to select the most appropriate schedule. A student may register for a minimum of 12 semester hours or a maximum of 15 semester hours.

Students from Other Schools

The same regulations apply. Additional information required is: 1) an application form to the University of Georgia requesting admission as a transient student; 2) official transcript(s); 3) and two letters of recommendation. When course work is completed and grades assigned, students must write to the University of Georgia Registrar requesting that credits be transferred to their own schools. While these hours can normally be transferred, it is advised that students consult with their own institutions before applying.

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid is available through the Cortona Program. Please contact the office for more information and applications:

UGA Studies Abroad/Cortona, Italy
Lamar Dodd School of Art, C301M
270 River Road
Athens, GA 30602-7676
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students may also consult their home institutions for Study Abroad financial aid opportunities.

For more information, contact Christopher Robinson, Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.