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As we enter the final weeks of the summer semester, our students and faculty are focused on finishing their artworks for the Mostra, which opens next Tuesday, July 24. 

UGA Cortona is proud to partner with our very good friends Cortona On The Move to produce Baci From Cortona, a photographic celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the UGA Cortona program. 

UGA Cortona 50th Anniversary

Chuck Dowdle visits the UGA Cortona campus in Cortona, Italy.

As our spring semester reaches its apex, our students and faculty are working hard to wrap up their artistic masterpieces for the end-of-semester exhibition we call La Mostra (that’s Italian for “The Show”).  Exactly one week from tonight, we’ll be opening the doors of Palazzo Ferretti and welcoming our Cortonesi friends to view the paintings, ceramics, photographs, and ‘zines that our spring students have created.  

2018 Spring Mostra Poster