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On November 10, UGA Cortona Fall 2017 students and faculty opened the Mostra, a public exhibition of new artwork which is a central component of the Italy Studies Abroad semester. This Mostra took place in a new location: Palazzo Ferretti, located on Via Nazionale, Cortona’s main shopping street.

Prior to the opening, students and faculty prepared the space, moving all the tools and supplies needed to stage the show into the new space, including new wood panels to hang two-dimensional artwork on. Faculty curators C. James Meyer and Sergei Tzvetkov then organized the placement of the works, arranging ceramics, jewelry, paintings, photographs, and intaglio prints to create a cohesive whole. Students and the other UGA Cortona Faculty and Staff members followed their lead, pitching in to complete the installation.

UGA Cortona Mostra preparation
UGA Cortona students and faculty prepare the exhibition space.

On opening night, the turnout was excellent, with many visitors, including longtime friends of the program, stopping in to view the exhibition.

Students greet Cortonese visitors to the Mostra.
Students greet Cortonese visitors to the Mostra.
UGA Cortona Mostra visitors
The UGA Cortona Mostra attracts discerning connoisseurs.
UGA Cortona Mostra curators
Faculty curators C. James Meyer and Sergei Tzvetkov.

A special highlight of this semester’s exhibition was a video produced by Professor Katalin Medvedev’s Fashion Merchandising students. This series of “lookbooks,” shot primarily on the UGA Cortona campus, featured information about fashion merchandising in Italy and presentations of Italian fashion in a contemporary visual style.

UGA Cortona Mostra installed
Student works installed, including the Fashion Merchandising video presentation.

The Mostra wrapped up on November 11, but its artworks will be on display at the upcoming 2017 UGA Cortona Reunion Exhibition, January 4-20 2018 at the Lamar Dodd School of Art on the UGA campus in Athens. 

  • 20171111 MostraOpening-102 WEB
  • 20171111 MostraOpening-101 WEB
  • 20171111 MostraOpening-113 WEB
  • 20171111 MostraOpening-103 WEB
  • 20171111 MostraOpening-107 WEB

A series of photos of students celebrating the Mostra, shot by Professor Jeff Curto.