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UGA Cortona has teamed up with Cortona's radio station, Radio Incontri InBlu Cortona, to create a brand new radio program called “Young Americans”. 

Created entirely by UGA Cortona students, the weekly broadcast will be hosted by an ever-changing lineup of DJs who are currently enrolled in the study abroad program now celebrating its 50th year of operations in Cortona.  Each week, the student DJs will select an hour of American music and interweave it with conversation in English about their study abroad experience, their impressions of Italy, and descriptions of life in the United States.

UGA Students in the Radio Incontri studios.
Spring 2019 students Mac Barnes, Lina Gijon, and Taylor Difonzo recording the first episode of Young Americans in the Radio Incontri studios.

The brainchild of Andrea Canoba Caneschi, host of the “Boogie Nights” radio show on the same station, the new collaboration is designed to give residents of Cortona regular opportunities to hear new American music and the English language spoken by native speakers, as well as to give UGA Cortona students the opportunity to make Italian friends and to participate in the life of the community.

Young Americans will be broadcast weekly on Friday nights at midnight Italian time, starting with the first episode tonight.  In Italy, tune in at 88.4 and 92.8 FM on the dial, or stream episodes from anywhere in the world at the Radio Incontri website.