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UGA Cortona Student Handbook
UGA Cortona students on a vaporetto in Venezia. The lighter the bag, the bigger the smile.

Avoid overpacking – bring the minimum of necessary clothes and accessories.   There will be several times during the semester when you will be responsible for moving your own luggage, including up hills and flights of steps. We recommend no more than one medium/large size suitcase with wheels, or a backpack, with an additional small suitcase or backpack that will be useful for overnight trips made during the semester. 


  • Ten days’ worth of quick-drying clothing (there are few electric clothes dryers in Italy; all laundry at UGA Cortona is line-dried)
  • Clothing that can get messy in the art studios
  • Socks and underwear
  • Pajamas 
  • Clothing appropriate for entering Italian churches – both men and women must cover knees and shoulders 
  • A nice outfit for the opening reception of the art exhibition (students enjoy getting more dressy for the event)
  • Summer:
    • Sturdy, comfortable sandals good for walking long distances
    • Swim Suit/Cap (the local pool requires you to wear a cap)
    • Light sweater
    • Rain jacket
  • Fall/Spring:
    • Light, medium, and heavy-weight sweater (the temperature may change dramatically from the beginning to the end of the semester)
    • Medium-weight coat to layer over sweaters
    • Raincoat
    • Waterproof shoes or rainboots 

Other Recommended Items:

  • Travel umbrella
  • Wallet with coin purse section (Italy functions mostly on cash, and you’ll accumulate a lot of coins)
  • Journal
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Prescription medications to last the entire duration of your program
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Shoes: it is highly recommended that you bring shoes that are comfortable, durable, and practical.  Flip-flops, clogs, high heels, and backless shoes are risky, as Cortona is very hilly, with rough cobblestone streets.  Sprained ankles are a common ailment among our students, usually due to inappropriate footwear!
  • Laptop computer or tablet: Wireless internet is available at several locations in the Kehoe Center, and in the Severini School building.  Black and white printing is available for students.    
  • Art supplies: consult your course syllabi for lists of required art supplies for your classes.  You will be provided in class with many of the supplies you need, and most other supplies can be purchased once you arrive in Italy.  There may, however, be one or two items your instructor wishes you to acquire in the U.S. and bring with you.  Be sure to check your airline’s regulations regarding items that are prohibited in checked luggage, such as solvents and flammable materials. 
  • Portable MP3 player: wi-fi access is not available everywhere throughout the UGA Cortona campus; an MP3 player allows you to listen to music when you can’t stream it. 
  • Jewelry: leave your expensive or sentimentally valuable jewelry at home
  • Camera
  • Portable SSD hard drive or USB flash drive: very useful for saving digital files and quickly transferring them between computers.
  • Zipper-lock storage bags (not available in Italy) 

Items supplied by UGA Cortona, or easily available in Cortona (no need to bring!)

  • Bedding 
  • Towels
  • Laundry Detergent (you can buy it here cheaply ~3 euro)
  • We have a large collection of books you may borrow, including novels, travel guides, Italian language guides, and Italian-English dictionaries
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Clothespins

TSA Guidelines

The United States Transportation and Safety Administration maintains a “What Can I Bring?” page on their web site. It presents up-to-date guidelines regarding what you can pack in your bags when traveling from the U.S. to Italy, and is worth consulting if you have a question regarding particular items. 

TSA guidelines are subject to change (e.g. the recent rules regarding batteries), so it is worth checking the site as your departure date approaches. Click here to visit the TSA “What Can I Bring?” web site.